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breakfast with pancake

A little bacon-bacon-bacon-pancake to start your day? Why? Why the hell not. I love this silly bird. (Not enough to want one of my own, mind you.)

Anyway, pancakes. A while ago, my dietician tried to get me to change my breakfast from a Clif bar and iced latte (1% milk, of course) to something healthier and higher protein. I started making my own protein bars, and they were a good solution for a while. But one day, I got the AuDHD ick for a food that had been just fine and yummy the day before. In this case, these bars weren't so yummy, but they were okay. The next day, BOOM, they grossed me the hell out.

I can't do much in the morning beyond walking Sky and making my sweet, milky coffee, so I wasn't sure what the hell I should eat instead, and reverted to toast or a bagel. Not great.

I spotted this in Costco on my last visit there, and decided it was worth a try, but of course it sat on the counter for several weeks before I even could pull my brain together to try it.

It's Flourish high-protein pancake mix, and it's pretty tasty stuff. About $12CDN for a pouch at Costco. I got the buttermilk flavour.

One serving (1/2 cup of mix, 1/2 cup of 1% milk) fits perfectly in one of my non-stick pans, and I add about 1/4c frozen blueberries. It cooks while my Aeropress brews – I got one of their new leakless filter doohickeys which keeps the coffee in without having to invert it (Aeropress users will know what I'm talking about) – and it makes a nice, puffy, satisfying pancake. I don't add syrup. The blueberries make it sweet enough. It's pretty decent and has 23g of protein for that serving. Would recommend. In fact, I think I might go back today and grab a few more pouches. I can change up the fruity add-ins to keep it fresh, which is essential for me to keep liking it.

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