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monday catch-all

Taking a big handful of pills (hello 60s) is 100 times easier when you drink your liquid through a straw as you do it. It all goes down eeeeeezy.

Did you know if your pee suddenly turns highlighter yellow, it's because the B12 supplements you bought are too high a dosage for you? (Side note: when the medical literature says an adult needs 2.4mcg a day and you buy horse pills with 500mcg, maybe this might be a bit much. Why do they sell them? Who even needs this much B12?)

Note to self: buy a pill cutter.

Knitting inflexible yarn like linen, hemp or (as I wrote in this post on Instagram) Rowan Summer Tweed's cotton/silk blend is made so much more enjoyable with the use of flexible needles. Like the needle material itself is flexible. I'm talking to you, Prym Ergonomic Circular needles. I thought I'd reviewed these for Knitty, but hadn't. Must do now. Pleased as hell.

My love of going to festivals is severely compromised by my current status as a small-portion eater*. Wanted to hit the Japanese Festival in Mississauga this past weekend, but when I scanned the vendors and realized most of them were food and I wasn't in to the others that were listed, I gave up. I think next week's Peach Festival might be a better fit.

a size-18 white woman wears a black t-shirt with a dancing bagel on the front, denim shorts with half the thigh area filled with her legs and the other half empty. She is smiling awkwardly
me, looking a bit stunned

Speaking of food-related victories, this week I tried on my denim shorts again after not wearing them all summer and my thighs didn't fill the leg parts up any more. Down 55 lbs since last September. However, I can't really wear them. Wearing any non-elastic waistband feels horrible since I started Oz. Pressure on the tum is no good.

Not coincidentally, excited for the clothing swap a friend has arranged for this coming weekend. I have some GREAT stuff that will hopefully find an appreciative home, like a denim jacket I screen printed with the Knitty logo at Peach Berserk a few years ago. Too big for me now. (grin)

Have been working on a big upgrade for Knitty's website to benefit our Patrons for a long while, and it's almost ready to launch. The back end stuff is almost there, and now I have to prepare myself for people to start using it. It's the biggest change to Knitty since we started the Patreon in 2015, and the rise in my anxiety level is no coincidence. I'll be much happier once it's in the hands of our wonderful supporters and I can see if they actually like it. Prayers and good thoughts gratefully accepted at this time.

*Ozempic makes me not want more than small portions. And if I over indulge, I do not feel good. Mission accomplished, but also a bit of a buzz kill sometimes.

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Annie Bee
Annie Bee
Aug 23, 2023

Okay, I am going to POUNCE on your stuff at the clothing swap because that jacket sounds amazing! And I am pretty sure you're going to find some great stuff too. Can't wait!

Replying to

If you can take it in to fit you (it's an XXL), I'd be thrilled for you to have it!

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