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my mouth feels weird

There are teef surfaces in places there weren't before (this was the plan). The texture is rough (such is the thing with temporaries...and it makes the final porcelain-smooooooth versions so much better when they finally arrive), and everything feels quite tender and foreign. Whose mouth is this, anyway?

I know it's all cinema verité in social media these days, but it's my blog and I don't want to show you the intermediate step. The temp material is strangely discoloured at the bottom of the two big front teeth (it won't brush off), and I don't want to document it here. The finals will be on in a few weeks and I promise I'll share them. Meanwhile, I will spend the next two weeks feeling like there's something in my teeth when it's just my teeth.

Handy information for neurodivergents in dental chairs: try BBC Radio 4 Extra (TuneIn app) on your earbuds if you like radio plays, narrated novels and short stories, and British panel shows. I had it on while Dr Magic Mirror had me inverted for an hour and a half and it was about as diverting as it could be. Early 2000s David Tennant in a radio play (Double Income No Kids Yet), and then Radiolab talking about loops. Fascinating.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it's a busy week here at Knitty HQ. Getting the First Fall issue ready to launch in early June, ongoing tax prep (so much spreadsheeting), Sky gets a much-needed bath tomorrow and I get a haircut Thursday.

Oh, and I finished another sweater last night. After the Rain (Rav link) by Heidi Kirrmaier, knit from Rowan Revive (discontinued now, of course) in a soft speckled aqua and lime stripe. It sat in a bag, unsleeved but otherwise finished for at least 8 years. I had started it and then, by the time I was ready to finish it, it wouldn't have fit me the way I wanted. So I just abandoned it. And then I remembered I'm smaller now.

It fits. I really like it. If I feel cute, I'll shoot it on me.

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