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there’s only so much one can do

...when one is neurodivergent, when it comes to sensory stuff.

My flavour of neurospicitude encompasses oversensitivity to most any physical sensation. It explains why I cannot abide the feeling of cashmere on my skin. Why having the sun in my eyes makes me actually angry. Why loud noise can turn me into a cowering child, whimpering "turn it off..." While the detergent aisle of the grocery store is to be avoided, as is the perfume aisle at the department store. Or you hold your breath and run. (All the women in my family share this last one with me.)

This super-fun aspect of how my brain functions has shown up in a new way. My four temporary crowns are joined to each other, so it feels like I bit down on playdoh that then hardened into the shape of teeth. There is no space between the teeth, and the surface is rough. My mouth feels like I haven't brushed my teeth EVER, no matter how much I brush them. I feel corn stuck between there, but there IS no corn. There's nothing stuck between my teeth except more teeth. But my tongue doesn't know that, and it keeps fussing with anything that feels abnormal, which is all of it.

Dr Magic Mirror's receptionist texted a few days ago to say that the lab needs more time to get the final crowns ready. I get to wear the playdoh teeth for an extra week, people! So I guess it's time to practise mindfully ignoring my mouth. Which isn't likely ever going to happen. But I'm trying.

Also, I got to make this fun graphic. Watch some publication use this as my headshot for my obit one day. That'd serve me right.

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Amy Stefanisko
Amy Stefanisko
22 de jul. de 2023

Wow! I have the same level of sensory sensitivity. I'll pick at "anything" stuck in my teeth (and run past smelly stuff and not k!|| my husband who is the loudest human on Earth), It's exhausting. I feel ya!!

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