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all this brain juice gotta come out somewhere

I'm Amy Singer, a 60-something (how did that happen?) boisterous introvert who found my people and my place when I started Knitty Magazine in 2002 (now the longest-running knitting magazine on the internet). I never understood why I felt so different from everyone else till I got diagnosed with both flavours of ADHD at age 59. And I've struggled to be okay with my societally unacceptably sized body my whole life, and am finally getting the hang of it.


What's my secret? A lifetime of thinking that reaching goal is the only victory has resulted in my neither reaching goals nor feeling good about myself. Starting now, my only goal is feeling good about myself and celebrating the small victories. ​I used to live on Twitter, and now that it's dead, the things I figure out need someplace to be so I don't forget them 10 minutes later. If you want to follow along, you're very welcome here. ​​

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