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how i break myself

For the second time since starting Ozempic last September, I found myself un-injected midweek. I do my shot every Monday night. Or I'm supposed to. This time, I was standing at the local deli, waiting to get some nice sliced roast beef for sandwiches for me and M for dinner tonight. I felt like I could eat everything in there. And then realized...I had NO SHOT in me this week.

Last night, I felt the familiar stomach fullness (well after a meal) that is usual with Ozempic, so it's not like the stuff just wore off. Maybe it waned a bit? Anyway, came home and did the poky thing and it's close enough to Monday that I am fine to resume the regular schedule.

But why is this happening?

First of all, one could argue that, with my ADHD, it's a miracle that I've only missed the shot twice. True.

However, a month or so ago, I got all excitedly share-y on TikTok about how well this Ozempic thing is going. (Warning: contains me.) And soon after, I lost the taste for my morning protein bars. They just taste ugh to me now. I'm going to have to find another breakfast solution. Maybe back to Clif bars for the time being? Or instant oatmeal, which is actually very pleasant to me, with basic additions to make it taste of something more than Scottish sadness.

I've also gotten pretty spotty about recording what I've eaten, which is how I've been tracking if I'm overdoing it or not. It's what I talk about in the video linked above.

I likely just need a break. I've been logging everything for several months. I'm not eating crap now. My indulgences are contained and single-portion, spaced out so I'm not consuming everything everywhere all the time. But I wonder why, when I seem to be doing well and proclaim this out loud, that my brain decides to break me. "Right! Enough of that. Let's mess her up, shall we?"

Anyway, I'm still doing well. But I really did want to eat the entire biscuit aisle at Denningers an hour ago.

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My latest obsession: Oatcakes are awesome. You make them one day when you have time, freeze them, stack them up in a bag, then chip them off in the morning to be warmed up in a cast iron pan and filled with whatever deliciousness suits: eggs + kimchi, cheese + onion... curried potatoes + rapini... whatever you have leftover from dinner the night before. Love them.

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