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So that was a thing that happened

Didja think I'd succumbed to the covid? Thankfully, I did not. Getting Paxlovid early may have caused me to rebound (I got sick, I got better, I got sick again), but I haven't had any after-effects except brain fog hanging around quite a while once the rest of me was better. I'd say it was worth everything tasting disgusting for a while, until I couldn't taste anymore. And then I could again.

Anyway, I'm alive and have been masking ever since getting better. Three months to the day after I got Covid, I had my 6th shot. Because the shot may have kept me out of the hospital, and that's what it's supposed to do. Good job, Moderna!


Let's see. Since I was here last, I launched knitty+ as well as the Deep Fall '23 issue. I think people like knitty+, and I need to work harder at getting the word out. That's why...

...when I saw Kate Gilbert (yes, that Kate Gilbert) was starting up a new 30-day Sprint for social media marketing, I signed up because I have no impulse control and because I needed these skills. Obvs.

The course was informative and instructive beyond expectations, with a toolkit Kate provided to all attendees that will help me make all the stuff I learned actually happen. The trouble was I didn't have a lot of free time or spoons when I took it, and got well behind. I have been batch posting when I have the brain and energy to do it, and have gotten started on using the toolkit to help me stay focused, on message, and efficient. Would 100% recommend this course, btw.

But for now, I'm also trying to take a little ME time. Because until last week, when the Winter '23 issue went live, I had not done that since the summer. And I'm feeling it.


Still, I'm sitting at my desk and thinking I SHOULD BE DOING SOMETHING (which usually means work) today. I need to cut that out for a little bit.


Hey. Didja know? Mark and I are getting married next February. We've been engaged since the pandemic started, but not in any hurry to actually do the wedding part for a number of reasons, mainly to do with spoons and pandemic concerns. The summer proved a good time for us to work on our relationship, and the result was it felt like the time was right. So we're doing what I dreamed up on a whim 6 years ago – we're going to a beach, just us, and getting hitched.

Factoid: if you hoard frequent flyer points like I do, they go further during Black Friday sales than usual. That's how we're flying to Hawaii for free. 10 years of points, baby. Worth it.

I haven't been to O'ahu since 2012, and not only do I get to marry my guy there, but the person doing the marrying is a dear friend, who I haven't seen since my last visit. So many reasons to be happy about this plan, this trip. She and I are planning to get matching tattoos, that's how much we like each other. And being in pain?


Do you know how Mark and I met? I will tell you. We both went to what used to be Ryerson in Toronto in the '80s, in the same program. He was a rockstar (literally, on stage, lead vocalist), I was a wannabe prep in polo shirts with the collar popped and army surplus moleskin pants. I thought he was Mmmmm. He thought I was nice and sweet.

30 years later, I saw him on FB and friended him. I was married, he was dating. (His marriage had ended years prior.) A few years after that, we were both single at the same time, and I asked if he wanted to grab a drink. He seemed to be going through something tough and I understood how hard that was, being 2 years into my divorcée life. I showed up like me - not really dressed for a date because I didn't want to assume nuthin. He came in a corduroy jacket and fancy shoes. Yup, it was a date.

So yeah. You're single late in life? Check out your connections from your youth. You never know.


Sky is great. Our house is (knock wood) great. Mortgage interest rates seem to have peaked, we hope! I'm 70lbs down from the summer of 2022, and my internal organs are healthy. Just got a fresh shot of Durolane in my arthritic knee. Things feel good.

And I found this Stetson for $15 at a vintage place in town. It's fur felt and was well worn. The previous owner's name is printed on the lining, along with his sweat stains. Some careful use of my clothing steamer will make it feel cleaner, but really who cares? Look how cute I felt in it!

So that mostly catches you up. I hope you're good.

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