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weird, but with a cause

I cannot tell you how many things I've learned about myself from watching TikTok. But I can tell you some of the actual things...the ones that stuck. This one was a recent lightbulb.

Kids with ADHD are perceived as weird by others. If you don't feel like reading the article (source: Psychology Today), here are the key points, stolen right from the site:

  • The symptoms of a child's ADHD, such as immaturity and poor emotional control, often lead them to be viewed negatively by peers.

  • Approximately one-third of teens and adults with ADHD are fearful of being seen by others as incompetent, unappealing, or uncool.

Well. Doesn't that explain a lot? (And only one third? Really?)

Is there a service* somewhere that helps you reprogram your memories to remove the self-blame and self-loathing for being a weird kid with few friends and reframe it all in a gentler light? Asking for me.

*Therapy. I know. I'd like my money back for all the years of previous therapy sessions which consisted of me whining, "I don't understand why I'm like this!" to my therapist, please.

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