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friday catch all

You'll see soon enough (if you stick around this new blog) why Twitter was my venue of choice for sharing stuff like this. I loved sharing snippets that I could throw out and get feedback on. So feel free to share your thoughts on any of this, or anything I post, in the comments.

I'm down 43lbs on ozempic (since Sept '22) and already have noticed my skin is loose in places. My sister is taking collagen peptides to help keep her skin closer to her muscles and stuff, and though I initially poo-pooed the concept, some people seem to think it could actually help. So I added it to my daily schedule starting today. A scoop of this stuff in my morning coffee, and two of these gummies later in the day. At the very least, supposedly my nails will get better. We'll see.

On the topic of a smallening body, I am trying to figure out what to do with my small collection of linen tanks – Flax brand like the one shown at left, bought at the online barn sale just 2 years ago. They're now too big for me, but I can't afford to give linen away. Maybe I could figure out how to draft a smaller silhouette out of the fabric, and cut and sew them to fit better? Or gather artfully? Suggestions welcome. (Ooh, if I was really clever, I'd turn the offcuts into little cap sleeves! I have no idea how to do that!)

On the topic of sewing, I now have a fully functioning serger (a handy FB marketplace bargain) and the desire to sew. I just have to collect enough executive function to actually DO the thing. Stuff I want to make: the zero waste Gather dress like Claudia has made, an Elizabeth Suzann Harper tunic, and some 100 Acts of Sewing Pants #1.

I had a brilliant idea for a little giveaway for the upcoming h+h Americas trade show in Chicago. But it's gonna cost more than a buck a thingy, unless I order the parts individually, drill holes, and design and apply a label to a conical surface to at least 200 units. Can I get applause for deciding that that was not a good use of my time or brain space? Thank you very much.

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